Actress Dolores Reynals talks with VIP Latino about her career

We recently had a chat with the super talented Dolores Reynals about her experience as a voice-over actress and the contrast, if any, with acting in visual media.

A native of Argentina, Reynals currently resides in Spain and is known for lending her voice and image to a plethora of ad campaigns throughout Europe for brands and entities such as Bankinter, Tesco Supermarkets, Lotería La Once, Ria Money Transfer, Clarins, and Glamour Magazine to name a few – She’s even lent her voice-over talent as Captain Matilda Isaacs in the hit videogame Fractured Space.

When Reynals is not being a voice that Cambridge University students listen to during their Spanish exams or during the BBC’s Panorama program she occupies her time continuing to improve upon her craft through projects which are each unique.

“I just wrapped a film in London called Poised which was written, produced and co-directed by Yiannis Alexiou, who also plays the lead. I cannot wait for it to come out soon because it’s brilliant,” Reynals said.

As to what attracted her to do voice-over work, Dolores took a trip down memory lane recalling her love for films from an early age.

“When I was a kid I had a little tape recorder which I took with me everywhere and made ‘films’, (mainly horror) with it because we couldn’t afford a camera. As an actor I started out in radio comedy while I was a student. I guess radio and recording in general feels like home and like a playground where you know the spectator will use their imagination greatly,” Reynals said.

However, Reynals hasn't just limited herself to being in movies or onscreen roles.

Reynals improves on her craft by being involved in as many projects as she wants.

“You have videogames, commercials, corporate recordings, etc.; projects where you give life to a greater variety of characters, compared to visual media where you can be limited because you have a certain ‘look’. In voice-over the range is much wider,” Reynals said.

If you wish to know more about Dolores Reynals be sure to follow her on all her social media platforms to stay up-to-date with her latest projects.

Find Dolores Reynals on Instagram and Twitter as @DoloresReynals

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