Alex Corral – “Los Cowboys”

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ALEX CORRAL – @Corral34

Alex is the creator and executive producer of “Los Cowboys.”  He is a TV producer who loves horses, the rodeo and charrería.   He is the team leader.  Born and raised in Los Angeles of Mexican descent, Alex is married to Marisela and they are expecting their first child in October 2014.  Alex spends his time going to pitch meetings at networks, developing and producing TV content but he is also a devoted family man and sometimes struggles to find the time to devote fully to charrería, especially now that the team is trying to qualify for the championship finals in Mexico. 

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Alex also loves baseball and all types of music: from Notorious BIG to Brooks & Dunn to Vicente Fernandez.  He is best friends with his younger brother Joey and sticks close to family, which he considers the most important thing in life.

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