Anthrax takes the stage, brings classic sound to Hollywood Palladium

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The lights dim and the crowd explodes with cheers.

One by one the legendary members of Anthrax take the stage.

Guitarist Scott Ian takes center stage playing an incredible solo, vocalist Joey Belladonna follows and pumps up the crowd, bassists Frankie Bello, drummer Charlie Benante and guitarist Jonathan Donais follow just as the crowd peaks with an erupting cheer as the first song starts up.

As the band louder than the fans or were the fans louder than the band? It's hard to tell.

If the sold out crowd had not filled the Hollywood Palladium by that point on Feb. 12, it sure sounded like they had.

Ian moved around giving a short performance to every part of the stage.

Benante kept the tempo going with consistent drumming and showed his stamina song after song with a powerful contribution to the rhythm.

The crowd was excited and cheered louder and louder as the songs went on.

The legendary Anthrax played fiercely performed many great songs and gave the audience their money's worth.

Singer Belladonna made sure to get the audience pumped up by moving around stage and performing short parts of each song to each part of the stage.

This double headliner with Lamb of God was a fantastic opportunity for Anthrax to thrill the audiences and set the bar high for Lamb of God.

Few bands with such a strong powerful sound are able to move around stage as well as Anthrax does.

The night in photos:

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