Continued Success For Italian Born Actor Dave Belvederi

Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

Trained actors from outside the United States usually find difficulty breaking in to Hollywood movies, but actor Dave Belveredi finds success through chasing his dreams across continents.

Actors coming in to Hollywood have obstacles to overcome, many of which can be not knowing how to break in to Hollywood roles.

"Being taken advantage of, sometimes independent productions negotiate you on a deferred compensation because they see your production value and in the end you never end up seeing the money," Belvederi said.

The training Belveredi has received outside the U.S. and in New York helped him develop skills which have proven to be of value to the productions he has been a part of.

Belverdi started his career out in Italy and travelled around Europe as a child to gain the most experience possible.

Eventually, Belveredi travelled to New York where during college he gained an interest in stuntwork.

The training he received expanded his skills as an actor and helped him develop skills he already had.

"Well before I came here (Hollywood), I trained in NY for over a year, the program was very demanding," Belverderi said. "It was Meisner based, which the concept behind the technique is to live each moment fully and truthfully under imaginary circumstances, this helped me out a lot in recognizing each moment, in each scene, almost as a passive skill."

Most recently Belverdi has completed two projects which used his skills as an action actor.

"Bloody Eyes" has Belverderi playing a detective, which he wasn't use to because he was usually placed in the role of a villain.

As well as "Rogue Hunter," now in post-production, where Belvederi play mercenary Alex Phoenix.

Belverdi is willing to go through a variety of roles to continue honing his acting skills and eventually he hopes to be rewarded with a role he dreams of getting the opportunity to play.

Belveredi said the role he dreams of is, "Pretty much anything Cristopher Nolan writes."

Many of the roles he receives are in action movies, the villain role seems to be characters which are attracted to him.

The ability to play a good villain takes skills as the role can be daunting.

"Well in my life, I’ve been through a lot of tough moments," Belveredi said. "I would say that gives me a more natural approach to play a character with an edge – more adaptability and willing to go places where maybe other people wouldn’t go."

Belveredi continues to move forward and searches for his place in Hollywood.

The skills from having been in mixed martial arts and continuing to work on his stuntwork keep him being an asset for the roles he receives.

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