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Mexican singer Emmanuel is back on the music scene with his new album INÉDITO, which was premiered on radio and digital stores with the release of its first single "Ella", written by Paty Cantú and Angela Dávalos .

"Ella", has become one of the most popular songs in Puerto Rico, combining the charismatic and energetic style of Emmanuel with the creativity, success and freshness of the composers.

INÉDITO, as the name suggests, is comprised by original new songs and was recorded in Los Angeles, California as well as in Mexico. The album was produced by the multi-award winning music producer, Aureo Baqueiro, who has worked in other productions with Emmanuel.

The songs on INÉDITO are the inspiration of various experienced and talented composers, who have given light to numerous radio hits and International awards to many interpreters of their songs. These are songwriters who are beloved by the public, who have placed their songs in the top of the charts and no doubt that INÉDITO will be no exception. The album counted with the collaboration of the talented Fato, who wrote Emmanuel’s two songs “Privilegio” and “Cómo quieren que la olvide”; the romantic Cuban Amaury Gutiérrez with the song "No Existe" and “Deja que te vueva a querer” written by Rafael Ruiz Esparza, Carlos Law and Puerto Rican Pedro Capó;“Hoy me toca vivir” written by Ettore Grenci and Sonia Molina; and from the heart of Italy the songs “A tí” (A te) from the raper Jovanotti, and “la Primera vez” and “Largo de noche or falda corta” from Claudio Baglioni

INÉDITO features the young but already renowned authors Paty Cantú and Angela Dávalos and his son Alexander Acha, who wrote "You will be" co-authored with Monica Velez, among others, giving a perfect balance and result in a material musical with fresh, clear, versatile, romantic and modern lyrics that match perfectly with his vocal unique style and quality in each of his musical productions.


INÉDITO is comprised of the following 10 songs:


1. Ella / Patricia Cantú y Ángela Dávalos

2. Privilegio / Fato

3. No existe / Amaury Gutiérrez

4. Cómo quieren que la olvide / Fato

5. Serás / Alexander Acha y Mónica Vélez

6. Deja que te vuelva a querer / Rafael Esparza Ruíz, Pedro Capo y Carlos Law

7. La primera vez / Claudio Baglioni y Antonio Coggio

8. Hoy me toca vivir / Ettore Grenci y Sonia Molina

9. Largo de noche o falda corta / Claudio Baglioni

10. A tí (A te) / Jovanotti

Courtesy: Universal Music Latino

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