@GOODSHOWSapp unites TV, Movie fans, reviewers

Goodshows app provides simple platform to share opinion on TV shows and Movies

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Social media app Goodshows provides avid moviegoers, TV watchers and those who want to read reviews a place to share and read reviews.

This app has only been available for a short time but there are already many reviewers on there, find me @Thisfunktional on the Goodshows app, reviewing new and old movies and TV shows.

The user interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. The list of shows and movies is massive although there has been a few independent movies that aren't on the list.

Beside reviewing programs and movies, users can interact with each other, watchlist a movie or TV show (which alerts users when a new episode of a show is airing) and follow their favorite users.

Goodshow makes it easy to share the review on Twitter and Facebook, which is great.

Many users share news they discover about their favorite shows and for the most part the community of users are friendly.

Download Goodshows app: www.goodshowsapp.com/download and check it out. Follow @GoodshowsApp on twitter for latest news and featured reviews. Follow @Thisfunktional on the GoodShows app for short reviews on TV shows and movies.

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