Heartbreak and Triumph at the Olympic Trials

Photo Credit to Kirby Lee

Brenda Martinez has become a great role model after showing her heart and passion on the track this week. On Monday she was clipped in the 800m when Alysia Montaño fell and the race ended in heartbreak as Montaño had difficulty finishing. While no blame was placed on any of the racers for the incident, the 800m was one of Brenda's best events as she had already won bronze only 3 years before at  the IAAF World Championships. She was in a good place before the incident, but fell behind in the end.

Th 28-year-old from Southern California refused to give up or let the 800m incident get to her. At the 1500 m event she visually gave it her all, dashing onto the finish line and fighting for that last spot on the USA Olympic Team. Jenny Simpson and Shannon Rowbury cleared in 1st and 2nd as Brenda Martinez battled stride for stride with Amanda Eccleston for third place. As they both dashed in one final push of energy, Brenda won by one third of a second. It was clear she had given it her all and had a heartfelt moment with Jenny Simpson as she congratulated her "I knew you could do it!". Brenda will be at the Olympics in Rio this summer and as she puts it: "Maybe that can be my story. If I can help someone along the way: Don't give up on your dream."

Congratulations Brenda!

Video Credit to NBCOlympics

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