J.Patron – “Latino Immigrant”

Last Friday July 17th, was released date of "Latino Immigrant" the most recent album of the Colombian MC Camilo Gómez, better known as "J.Patron" who is obtaining a great presence in the United States that sees him grow artistically. 

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J.Patron's  music is a fusion between Latin music and Hip Hop beats. His music, tales of sacrifices, love achievements and the American dream is how Camilo combines his passion for music and the love for his people of the hispanic community. "By that time I had been sacked from a job. I felt like the only thing I had was my creativity. By coincidence I happen to stumble upon El Dusty who sent my way 5 tracks. I locked my self in the studio for a week and that's how the album came out. I used to take breaks from 12 to 1pm to look for a job, eventually I returned to the studio to work on my project. That's how it started, I put my heart and soul to it so people could relate to it."

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After releasing his first two singles: "Trouble" & "Borracho". with his third single "Latino Immigrant", J.Patron will be doing a promotional tour where he plans to take the joy of his music and sounds to millions of people. "My message for the world is 'Puro Oro' and I dont mean the possessions we use as jewellery and luxury goods, I'm talking about the gold light that shines inside all of us like 'puro oro' and connects us all, one world, one love. It's a message, it is a movement." J.Patron, who's adding his own freshness to the Hip Hop and Latin Urban music of the West Coast.   

Courtesy: Mirna Solorzano

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