KAP G takes a stand with new single A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Kap G's doesn't insult or ridicule the president, not even calling him out by name, as he puts out his single "A Day Without A Mexican."

In Kap G's lyrics he asks, "I got a question for the president, We've been working, where the hell you've been?"

No belittling needed as Kap G makes his statement clear, and throughout the rest of the lyrics defends his position.

While the beat and rhythm of the music can easily be catchy and stick in the listener's mind for days, the lyrics grab hold of gives representation to the plethora of Latinos in America.

"I want everyone to dance and be happy by listening to my new song 'A Day Without A Mexican,' and when they watch the video (I want them) to relate and have hope. I also believe that I can help change the minds of those that don't understand our struggle and that we are just here for a better life," Kap G said.

The song follows the recent arrival of Kap G’s new mixtape “No Kap," featuring guest appearances from Playboy Carti and Chief Cook It Up alongside the recently released tracks “Raise The Roof (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)” and “Want My M’s.”

“A Day Without a Mexican” is available now at all DSPs and streaming services here.

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