Kicking into Kickstarter: NERD REPORT PODCAST

Being a Nerd is a Lifestyle and so comes Nerd Report Podcast

Written by Jesus Figueroa

For all the nerds of all generations comes a podcast by nerds for nerds which features opinions, movie reviews, movie news and so much more.

This is more than a podcast, this Nerd Report will try and bring fellow nerds from all around together to make this a unique interactive experience.

Louis Love, AKA Louis Lecca, an experienced radio programmer, host and entertainment reporter, who is looking to team up with other experienced reporters to cover all nerd culture on the podcast.

This isn't just another podcast, it's a labor of nerd love and passion. Love is always current with pop culture, entertainment news and nerd news.

Help bring Nerd Report to life and grab some awesome incentives in the process.

Nerd Report will the the one stop podcast to bring opinions everyone can appreciate, movie screenings, celebrity interviews, giveaways and will help listeners be part of the reporting.

Don't just listen to another podcast about the things you enjoy, be able to contribute to the productions and help it be everything you'd like it to be.

There's one thing Nerd Report needs, some help starting up. That's where the indiegogo campaign comes in.

The funds raised on indiegogo will go towards equipment to help bring the best quality content, access to the best events and software to be able to patch in listeners who'd want to be a part of the interactive experiences.

There are already many people who are involved with helping make Nerd Report fun and exciting at launch.

There's just so much more that Love wants to bring to Nerd Report and all of you who will be listening and participating can help make all those things come true. is Love's main site and Nuke the Fridge con at Frank and Son's has already had special guest, most recently Stan Lee.

Nerd Report will be the best way to have access to all the events already being attended by Love.

There is will more nerds joining the podcast and bringing more and more of the stories you want.

Help make this the best interactive podcast.

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