“LARRYMANIA” Featuring Latin Artist Larry Hernandez returns on Sunday May 4 at 9PM ET/8PM CT

Larry ManiaThe King of reality is back! Multi-award winning Latin superstar Larry Hernandez returns to Hispanic cable network mun2, for the third season of one of the most successful series on mun2 and in Hispanic cable, “Larrymania.” Premiering Sunday May 4 at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CST, the highly-anticipated third season brings more adventures, drama, a non-stop concert tour, a new home and exclusive access to the birth of baby Dalary. To view first two episodes of #Larymania3 visit epklink.com/larrymania3 and catch full episodes of season one and two on mun2.tv/larrymania.

Over 5.5 million viewers tuned in to both seasons of “Larrymania, and more than 7.7 million U.S. viewers have tuned in through all platforms. Season one of “Larrymania” was the network’s # 1 series in 2012 among adults 18-34, and season two grew to be #1 among Hispanic females on Sunday nights. On mun2.tv “Larrymania” content has reached over 1.4 million video streams.  

This season, Larry offers fans an even deeper look at Larry the family man. As the superstar and his longtime girlfriend Kenia Ontiveros prepare for their second child, their relationship and love grows deeper. But Larry’s balancing act as a father and a high profile celebrity becomes a greater challenge as he gears up to release his new album “Ojala Que Te Vaya Muy Mal,” while focusing more than ever on putting family first. More surprises are revealed including the journey through Kenia’s entire pregnancy and the unforgettable birth of baby Dalary.

In episode one, Larry hits the stage for his “El Ultimo Baile” concert in San Jose, prepares an unforgettable family Thanksgiving celebration in their Los Angeles home, and makes an important announcement. In episode two, Larry and Kenia take a birthing class in preparation for the baby’s arrival. Family and friends gather for Kenia’s exciting baby shower and the Hernandez family moves into their new home.

The mun2.tv original humorous video “El Presidente,” featuring Larry Hernandez as the President of the United States, is a current nominee for a 2014 NAMIC award.



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