“Los Cowboys” – A New Hulu Series

Los Cowboys Group 1Grab your boots and get ready for a little down south fun! LOS COWBOYS, an English-language reality series from Coral 360 will be available for your viewing pleasure on January 26 exclusively on Hulu! 

Los Cowboys is a new series debuting at the end of the month and follows the lives of “charros" urbanos from Los Angeles with the intent to win the respect they deserve as real cowboys! 

Los Cowboys Roping 2

Fall in love with the cast and their love for charreadas straight from Rancho Los Dorados in La Puente, California where they gather to train in spite of their busy lives and experience their passion all the while juggling their careers, family life and more. Get ready to learn all about the history, tradition and culture of real cowboys and Mexico’s national sport.


Meet the Cast

Los Cowboys horses 1


Alex Corral is the creator and executive producer of “Los Cowboys.” 

Joey Corral is Alex's best friend and younger brother. He is a florist and a professional bassoonist who understands and respects the world of charrería, but who strayed from the charro world long ago.

Robert Lara is a horse trainer who is a hilarious wild card character. He speaks his mind and you never know what's going to come out of his mouth next.

Ivette Saucedo is a model and a witty beauty queen. She is as fierce on a horse as she is on the runway, making her a social media star with thousands of followers.

Rafael (Ralph) Cabral is a Los Angeles entrepreneur who is an all-star charro and team leader.

Adrian Nevarez is the heartthrob of the team. But he is a rookie and has lots to learn so he's got something to prove.

Marisela Corral is Alex's sassy wife and a TV executive who keeps her husband and the charros in check. Watch the sparks fly when she learns of Alex's antics. The two of them will soon be new parents, adding a new baby to the drama.

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