Performer Raymond-Kym Suttle Deals With Many Obstacles Being A Foreigner

Written by Jesus Figueroa (@Thisfunktional)

Zimbabwe-born performer Raymond-Kym Suttle traveled around to get the acting training and education he needed, but has found he has needed to overcome many obstacles to get the success he wants.

Although his parents were both British, having studied in South Africa for seven years changed Suttle’s English accent and when traveling back to London to be an actor found that it was much different than most.

“When I got to London, everyone kept asking ‘Are you from Australia?’” Suttle said. “I had to work on my accent.”

As Suttle worked on his accent he developed an accent which was distinct from the rest of his family, which is the English accent he speaks with now.

Though his traditional acting training helped him adapt to criticism, the works during his 23 years in London wasn’t exactly what he expected.

Suttle worked with an agency, which meant he would get work, but at times it was work choreographing or creating a musical review and it wasn’t always the constant acting work he expected.

The passion Suttle had for acting gave him the courage to take a big risk and move out to Hollywood, which would pay off quickly.

“I had a thousand fold more auditions here (in Hollywood) than I had in the UK,” Suttle said. “I did more work in the first year I was here than in the 23 years I was in London.”

With yet another move came even more challenges to face.

Suttle came to learn that the biggest obstacles as a foreigner wanting to work in Hollywood  is Visas and work permits.

“There are alot of (studios) that won’t hire an actor unless they have a green card,” Suttle said.

Suttle finds himself fortunate to have had his sister, a U.S. citizen, and friends willing to help.

Getting his foot in the door to auditions and having people being able to show him how to get started in Hollywood was a big advantage.

“If you arrive here with out any contacts or without a support system it can be very challenging,” Suttle said. “Moving countries at anytime is challenging.”

The ability to be a bit flexible, to have a plan and people are willing to help are major factors in what has helped Suttle continue to have projects to work on.

Suttle is currently working on having a feature he wrote produced, has recently worked both on stage and in a short film in San Francisco and continues to use his talents in writing, choreography and performing to stay busy.

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