Sponsored Review: PhoTone app #PhotoneApp

Written by Jesus Figueroa

PhoTone app is another app to edit photos by adding a filter to photos which can be taken in app of from the photo library.

There's 4 main modes — Monotone, Protobe, Colortone and of function each with Effects — each with subcategories.

For the purposes of just quick fixes Protone seemed to be a good go to.

A quick preview before saving or sharing is great, but after saving or sharing there cannot be any modification. Users would have to start over.

This app is easy to use and there isn't much to it.

There's no cropping the photo, it's more like a glorified filter app than a photo editing app. It's just that simple.

There's not many features to this app.

Sharing is limited with only Facebook and Instagram integrated with the app.

There is always saving to the photo album, but there's not much convenience with sharing to all major social network.

I would recommend this app to have many filters for which to enhance photos.

This app works with photos saved to photo album or taking photos from the app.

This app is only works with photos and doesn't allow adding filters to videos.

I give this photo app a 3 out of 5 stars. It's not useless, the uses for this app is just very limited. It's easy to use above all else.

Download Photone app at photone-app.com.

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