The New Fashion Trend of Workout Wear

image copy 2While walking through the streets of Los Angeles, the logo of a Hairspray-esque hairstyle is riddled all over every girl’s body. It’s as if every girl is on her way to a yoga or Soul Cycle class. While, yes, most girls don the “all Lululemon” workout outfit for an intense morning at Soul Cycle, there are still the select few who choose to hang out with friends in tight black leggings, a sport bra and tanktop.

The new trend of activewear has officially taken over the streets of LA. Los Angeles citizens are notorious for their ever-present diets and juice cleanses. Açaí bowls, kale and quinoa are part of everyone’s daily diet. So it makes sense for Los Angelians to be constantly decked out in workout clothes.

 The recent trend of attending Soul Cycle classes have actually transformed morning routines. Since juice cleanses and exercise classes are a must in the City of Angels, and fashion has always been a staple of this city, people have found a way to combine looking fashionable while sweating.

Even Urban Outfitters, a store known for their simple and indie yet chic clothing, has started the line “Without Walls,” which introduces indie activewear in bright and fun colors. With workout wear becoming much more popular and stylish, people are being give more incentive to exercise. Plus at the end of the day, girls can opt out their tight and uncomfortable jeans for a pair of comfy leggings for a night out with friends. 

Credit: Nicole Sazegar





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