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Becky G is in Miami for Premios Juventud tonight. She will be performing a remix of her song “Can’t Stop Dancing” with J Balvin. The young singer shared she is looking to have a good time, but confessed feeling nervous years past with a self-proclaimed “Selena moment”. She elaborated, “Now it’s my third year going and everybody knows I speak ‘Spanglish’” with an infectious laugh.

The “Selena moment” Becky G refers to recalls another “Spanglish"-speaking, Mexican-American singer who conquered the Tex-Mex musical genre years before she was born! Becky G relates, “The odd thing is in school people speak English and my parents were born in the U.S. so they speak English. I get my Spanish practice when I’m talking to my abuelitos, when I’m watching novelas, and when I’m listening to music in Spanish”.

At just 18 years old, however, Becky G admits these days she does not have time to watch novelas (her favorite was “Mi Corazon es Tuyo”).

A never ending list of dreams and projects keeps this artist busy, “I try to dip my hands in all… I imagine a really big, blank canvas and there are all these colors that I can use to paint. There’s singing, there’s acting, there’s make up and fashion. These are all things that I love and I want to dip my hands into”.

She’s already begun.

Originally signed to her label, Kemosabe Records, as a rapper, Becky G attributes the variety of musical and artistic influences to her upbringing in Inglewood, California, “That urban influence will always be a part of me. Rap’s definitely going to be featured on my album.”

She grew up listening to country, old school hip-hop, new school hip-hop and “everything in Spanish”. Most recently, she shared her condolences via her Twitter account for the passing of one of her favorites, Mexican singer and icon, Joan Sebastian, on July 13th.

“Musically well-rounded”, as she describes herself, may be an understatement.

Acting is something a little fresher for the artist. “I can’t say much about it, but now I’ve taken a little dip into acting. I’ve always loved acting. I’ve been back and forth, filming on set. I always said when the right opportunity came along and if I was excited about it…That’s how I feel about starting my little acting engine up again!”

Additionally, last weekend she made an appearance at Los Angeles’ BeautyCon; appropriate as she is the latest spokesperson for Covergirl. Amazed to join the brand with the likes of Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, and Ellen DeGeneres, Becky G said she’s always been a fan of make up, “I started wearing make up at a really young age, about nine years old. I wore my mom’s make up. It was another way to express myself.”

She remarked, “When it comes to make up, I’m very girly, but when it comes to fashion in general I would say I’m like a tomboy, with a touch of femininity. You never catch me without my hoop earrings, but I also love sneakers and overalls and jeans. I like to mix it up, I’m like a girly tom-boy.” The urban roots she candidly spoke about seem to follow her in every facet of her artistry.

With so many projects, Becky G proclaims, “The music always comes first!”

Her first single, “Shower”, has gone platinum in the U.S. and double-platinum in several other countries. This, of course, with the support of her fans, Beasters, as she nicknamed them.

Why Beasters? “My sister calls me Beaster, but I also had this thing when I first created the name that was ‘Beast Mode’. It’s when you need to get something done and you need to do the best you can. There’s a little switch in your brain so you flip that switch, go into ‘Beast Mode’, and you do it!”

Keep in mind the young singer has only released a few singles here and there, and is only now working on a full length album.

Because the music is first, she expressed she does not want to rush it, though she’s been continuously recording in Los Angeles. “The album is a goal of mine, but I don’t want to force anything, like my creativity, with a deadline because I feel that’s where a lot of artists go wrong. They just record songs that don’t really mean anything to them or that sound rushed. It’s going to be my first album so I want it to be perfect!”

Becky G is set to go on tour with her co-performer J Balvin this September through October and is nominated for two awards tonight at the annual Premios Juventud, “Mi Artista Pop/Rock” and “Favorite Hit”. Pretty impressive for the young Covergirl, tom-boy, actress, singer!




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