VIPLatino Filmmaker Profile: Antonio Chavez Trejo

Written by Rashid Pineda

Antonio Chavez Trejo is a filmmaker, writer, and producer. His independent films have been noted for their surreal feel, dark undertones and sense of humor and visually appealing cinematography.

A number of his films have been featured in well-known film festivals around the world.

In 2017, Trejo released his short film, “MIRA Protocol.” The film centers around a little girl living in a dystopian future.

No long after its release, “MIRA Protocol" began winning awards and nominations.

The World-Wide Premier took place at the Glendale International Film Festival where Trejo received the Award as Best Director and a recognition from the California State Legislature as Best Filmmaker in Burbank “for his outstanding achievement in the cinematic arts.”

This film has also been the official selection at the Maverick Movie Awards, BLOW – UP International Arthouse FILM FEST in Chicago, Top Indie Film Awards and Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival.

The Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival represents quite an accomplishment for Trejo since the festival receives only female directors or exclusively films with strong female characters; the film even received a review by the prestigious Cleveland Film Festival about this particular area: “Ms. Ewing did a splendid job – Mr. Trejo should be commended for getting such a mature performance from a girl so young.” 

Trejo currently has four ongoing projects.

An action/comedy web series which launched late last year titled “Angry Gurls.”

Also, an action/drama series with an all Asian cast which brings back the feeling of the action movies from the 80´s with the working title “Dark Empire.”

A debut feature film which he wrote and will direct is in the works.

Lastly, his latest project enters Trejo into a new type of entertainment, mixing 360 degree environments with immersive theatre and traditional linear structures for film.

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