Watch the Trailer For ’10 CLOVERFIELD LANE’ #CloverfieldLn


By Mike "The Movie Guy"

Ok–Just watched the trailer. Hmmmmm…within the first few seconds I was sold.

John Goodman – Sold.

Music – Sold.

But then…as the trailer kept going…it started giving away a lot of the movie…or did they?

At the end of all this…I was like, "Maybe they're trying to trick you Mike."

Hmmmmm…I'm hooked and excited. I don't need to see anymore. I'm SOLD. 3.11.16 What about you? 10 Cloverfield Lane


From Producer J.J. Abrams
Story By Josh Campbell & Matt Stuecken
Screenplay By Josh Campell & Matt Stuecken and Damien Chazelle
Directed by Dan Trachtenberg


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