What Constitutes an Appropriate Coachella Outfit

Coachella 1With Coachella weekend one already starting and Coachella weekend two looming ahead, attendees are stressing out over their outfits for each day. Trends, weather and comfort are all factors to worry about while choosing an outfit for any music festival. Over the years, youths have perfected the standard indie Coachella outfit, and going in any outfit other than the typical is just absolutely wrong.

The Coachella look embodies the California look. It’s beachy, it’s flowy, and it’s searing hot weather approved. Due to the hot weather of the desert and the amount of sweat involved with any music festival, every attendee will want to be able to breathe in their outfit. For girls, this means a lot of crop tops and shorts.

While the hot weather can keep your outfit limited, especially to accessories and layers, it’s always possible to keep your outfit original while simple. Kimonos have been thrust under the trend spotlight lately, giving any outfit personality. Flower crowns are basically a must. Due to the amount of dirt and rocks on the ground including the fact that people will be constantly stepping on your feet in crowds, tennis shoes or boots are the most practical shoes.

The Coachella outfit defines your personality for the weekend, which means you get to choose whom you want to be. So basically, when stressing over the perfect Coachella outfit, keep in mind the ideal equilibrium between yourself and the ultimate California style. 

Credit: Nicole Sazegar

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