ZOOMOO, Exclusive Channel on DIRECTV Launches Fabulous Food Awards

This new show will debut on May 7 at 7pm ET / 6pm CT and again

at 12pm ET / 11pm CT exclusively by DIRECTV channel 432

This May, accompany Flash the Puppy while he hosts ZooMoo's Fabulous Food Awards honoring all the food-loving animals of the world along with their favorite foods. The most coveted awards such as "Best Magical Chef" and "Craziest Nutcracker" will be handed out to the well-deserving winner. Many of the delicious dishes devoured by all animals of the world will also qualify for awards, such as seafood, vegetarian and even worms!

Who will win?

Tune in to find out

ZooMoo, the first interactive children's channel in the world designed to promote a love of nature and animals through a unique and safe experience combines puppets, cartoons and the most incredible images of natural history worldwide in high definition (HD) to tell stories about the animal kingdom. 

This channel has more than 7,000 individual stories about animals, and more than 500 hours of original content, which are seen by 140 million people in 23 countries.

The channel is complemented by a free downloadable, standalone App that when synced to the channel enhances the interactivity by also turning smartphones and tablets into an extension of the channel, providing a one-of-a-kind multiplatform experience that allows viewers to automatically collect animals they encounter on the TV screen by bringing them to life on their mobile devices with games, music, puzzles and other activities.

For more information visit: america.zoomoo.tv/

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